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farsi_speakers's Journal

Barayeh hameh keh Farsi sohbat mikonand
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Salaam beh hameh keh inja ro neshestand!
Shoma kheyli khosh oumadid.

Welcome to farsi_speakers! The main purpose of this community is to generate a place for people who speak Farsi to get together and converse with each other; although, those who don't speak Farsi are also very much welcomed here and are encouraged to use this place as a way a to help learn the language.

Generally, I'm very open for nearly anything to be posted here-- as long as it isn't derogatory, negative, or crude to others. If you choose to post pictures, please be smart about them.

i.e. If they are of a rather big size or there are more than 3, please use the lj-cut feature.

Otherwise, I hope that everyone will enjoy meeting and conversing with others here. Please do check this community out! :)

Haalaa boro sobat kon digeh!

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